About Us

Safe and Secure Home Health Care has been providing Home Care, Supportive Care, and Private Duty Nursing services since the year 2012. We offer a broad range of Personal Care and Supportive Care in the home and in the community for all ages. We specialize in providing services for people suffering from Alzheimer's, PTSD, and various life-altering disabilities. Our service areas are in Wayne, Macomb and Oakland Counties in the State of Michigan. Our caregivers are trained to render care with Integrity, Empathy, and Quality. If you have any questions or concerns please call Safe and Secure Home Health Care at 1-248-602-0939.

Why do you need Safe and Secure Home Health Care?

We reduce your stress of providing care every day and night for your loved one by sending qualified, caring caregivers to care for them while your away. Our nurses keep illnesses managed by making sure their medications are taken on time and refilled when needed. Safe and Secure Home Health Care is there to provide a family atmosphere while helping you to plan for your loved one's future, paying bills and doing activities with them. Our caregivers help your loved ones to remain at home longer by: 1. Keeping the home clean for your loved one 2. Educating the family on prevention and management of any illnesses that the loved one may have 3. Taking your loved one shopping 4. Bathing your loved one and grooming them 5. Cooking fresh and healthy meals 6. Doing activities with your loved one