Home Care Agency in Michigan

Are you living with an illness, injury, or medical condition? We are here to give you the assistance you need in order for you to improve your overall quality of life through our home care agency in Warren, Michigan. Browse through our website to learn how we can be of service to you and your loved ones.

Can You Afford Excellent Home Care Services?

The true question is can you afford to not have excellent home care services for your loved one? Remember the wrong decision can quickly make your life take an emotional downhill spiral. The wrong decision can destroy the whole family. Keep in mind that the lowest priced home care company may not always be the best when you consider the total cost either. They may have to take dangerous short cuts to provide your loved one`s care at the price that they provided for you.

Can you put a price on emotional pain?

An important hidden cost not often taken into account when considering a home care company is emotional strain. This emotional strain has the greatest impact on the family member closest to the loved in need of care, but can easily resonate throughout the entire family.

As the family caregiver, this is sometimes hard to recognize because you're continually reacting to the day-to-day demands, ignoring your own emotional needs. These demands can lead to emotional shutdown. This shutdown period makes it hard to "be there" for your loved one - let alone yourself! The higher someone's care demands the more they need their family to "be there." That's why it makes sense to have a home care company that will "be there" also. What is the price of physical well-being?

Yes, caring for your loved one requires money and emotional attention, but physical stamina as well. Most people don't know how physically demanding caring for their loved one can be. How can you help your loved one if you don't have the energy to care for yourself? Your current responsibilities can easily add up, draining what little energy you may have left for care giving. Many people turn to a home care company to ease the physical demands so they can have more time and energy to enjoy life.

Why do you need Safe and Secure Home Health Care?

We reduce your stress of providing care every day and night for your loved one by sending qualified, caring caregivers to care for them while your away. Our nurses keep illnesses managed by making sure their medications are taken on time and refilled when needed. Safe and Secure Home Health Care is there to provide a family atmosphere while helping you to plan for your loved one's future, paying bills and doing activities with them.
Our caregivers help your loved ones to remain at home longer by:
1. Keeping the home clean for your loved one
2. Educating the family on prevention and management of any illnesses that the loved one may have
3. Taking your loved one shopping
4. Bathing your loved one and grooming them
5. Cooking fresh and healthy meals
6. Doing activities with your loved one